Senator Ron Johnson

Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, called into Kilmeade & Friends and addressed terrorist group Al Shabaab's call for attack on Mall of America in new video. Senator Johnson told Brian his mission as chairman of the Homeland Security committee is to enhance the security of America, stressing, we must take any terrorist threat seriously and make sure to do everything possible to protect the American people. When asked about the reluctance of President Obama and his administration to call terrorists Muslim extremists, the senator said he is less concerned about labeling terrorists Muslim and more concerned about stopping them.

When asked about funding the DHS, Senator Johnson pointed out that that every Republican wants to fully fund DHS, adding, the only way the senate can proceed is for democrats to allow a vote on the senate floor. The senator does not believe the republicans should get into a fight with democrats over President Obama's executive amnesty order that has been temporarily blocked, further explaining, it should be left up to the courts to deal with the president's immigration executive amnesty.

PLUS: Senator Johnson spoke about the Keystone Pipeline and what America should do to help Ukraine deal with Russia.

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