Paul Mecurio album

Paul Mecurio, comedian and host of "The Paul Mecurio Show" on iTunes, sat down with Brian in an attempt to bring a little levity to the news of the day. Paul ripped into the Obama Administrations plan to use social media as a way to combat terrorism saying, "Apparently we are going to win this war with Yelp ratings," adding, "It's like 12 year olds manning social media, that's our first line of defense now." Mecurio also found it absurd that Marie Harf would suggest that a lack of jobs in the Muslim world is one of the reasons people join ISIS. Paul believes in order to defeat ISIS, we need to put boots on the ground and get our hands dirty.

Within seconds of sitting in the guest seat, Mecurio ordered Brian to take off his jacket, noted his cufflinks (to which Brian pointed out were mismatched) and the fact Brian was missing a button on his shirt!

Paul also discussed his new comedy album "It's not me, it's the world", available on iTunes and at

Watch Paul's hysterical comments on Brian's fashion sense

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