Immigration 3

Brian was joined by Andy McCarthy, former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney in New York, to discuss President Obama's executive amnesty plan hitting a setback. McCarthy told Brian that while the judge has temporarily blocked amnesty, its not time to celebrate yet. He explained that there is still a long way to go in the judicial process. McCarthy said the only way the President's executive amnesty can be stopped is for congress to step in and use their authority to deny the President the funding. McCarthy went on to shoot down the argument that defunding DHS will have dire consequences for the American people, pointing out that there is a lot of the money allotted to the DHS that is not being used properly.

Turning to terror, McCarthy said the rest of the world does not care if the United States believes radical Muslims represent the true nature of Islam or not, they only care if the United States has the will to fight ISIS. When asked about Marie Harf's comments where she blames a lack of jobs as a reason Muslims join terrorist networks, McCarthy disagreed. He said many of the terrorists we have captured are well off financially, adding, the only way to stop terrorists is to capture and kill them, anything else is waste of time.

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