Mike Huckabee 2015

Governor Mike Huckabee returned to Fox to discuss President Obama, his political future, 2016 and his new book, "God, Guns, Grits and Gravy."

Huckabee joked with Brian about coming back to Fox after leaving his show after only one week. Huckabee talked with Brian about his experience last night on The Daily Show, saying that despite the combative attitude of Jon Stewart, he likes Stewart both professionally and personally. Brian and Huckabee also discussed what to expect tonight from President Obama's State of the Union address. Huckabee believes President Obama does not know how to govern. Huckabee said that a leader must build relationships with people, including those who are on the opposite side politically, in order to get things done. Huckabee said Obama could learn from Bill Clinton, telling Brian that Clinton knew how to govern, unlike President Obama.

Discussing the war on terror, Huckabee believes we must get other countries in the Middle East to become involved and get their skin in the game. Huckabee added, we must rebuild our broken relationship with Israel, because they are our only true ally in the Middle East.

When talking about Huckabee's possible presidential run in 2016, Huckabee told Brian he believes his best attribute is his ability to connect with voters. Huckabee told Brian that if he is able to get the funding needed to go toe-to-toe in the primaries, he has a good shot to pull off the republican nomination. When asked about putting a political campaign staff together, Huckabee said the best people to have helping run a political campaign are those who are loyal to you, adding, "The best people aren't the ones who have been in ten campaigns, if so Bob Shrum would have won a bunch of presidential campaigns." Brian added that Shrum is currently teaching at NYU to which Huckabee quipped, " Is he really? That's about right!"

Looking back to the 2012 presidential election, Huckabee said Romney was a god candidate but played it too safe and didn't take enough chances. When asked his opinion on Romney running again, Huckabee said he had no problem with another Romney run. When asked about his future if he does not get the republican nomination, Huckabee gave Brian a polite "no comment."

Watch Brian's complete interview with Huckabee here:

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