Mike Greenberg

Mike Greenburg, co-host of ESPN's Mike & Mike show, joined Brian in studio to discuss this past weekend's NFL Conference Championship games.

On the deflate-gate controversy, Greenberg told Brian there is a difference between "bending the rules and breaking the rules" and he believes if the Patriots did deflate the balls they were not playing within the spirit of the rules, adding, the game was a blowout and had no bearing on the outcome.

Greenberg and Brian also agreed that the finish in the Packers vs Seahawks NFC title game was the most fantastic finish they could remember. Both Brian and Mike believe Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has proven he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL

Looking ahead to the Super Bowl, Greenberg believes we will either see Tom Brady take the mantle as greatest quarterback in NFL history by winning his fourth championship or if the Seattle Seahawks win back to back titles, their defense may go down as one of the all-time greatest defenses in NFL history.

Greenburg also discussed his new book "My Fathers Wives", telling Brian that he has two parents who are writers and has always wanted to be a writer.

Watch Brian's full interview here:

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