Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Brian on Kilmeade and Friends and let loose on the Obama Administration for releasing Gitmo detainees in the wake of the terror attacks in France. Giuliani said, “It’s as if ISIS or al Qaeda can call the White House and say ‘Hey, you’ve got an ammunitions expert you can release?’

Giuliani went on to say that Josh Earnest sounds like a jerk because he won’t say the term radical Islam. “We need an intelligent approach to this. Instead we have a president in denial, a Josh Earnest who sounds like a jerk when he talks about this when ‘radical Islam is not accurate.’ What isn’t accurate? It is on the documents of the people they released!” Giuliani continued, “That is like saying ‘Hitler is a Nazi is not accurate.’ It’s like a stupid lie!”

Giuliani also responded to Mayor DeBlasio saying he cannot apologize for his “fundamental beliefs.”