Karl Rove talked about the Obama Administration admitting they made a mistake by not sending someone with a higher profile to the rally in Paris over the weekend. Rove compared and contrasted the Paris rally with when President Bush chose to fly over Louisiana after Katrina instead of seeing the devastation first-hand. Rove admitted that they should have gone to Baton Rouge, but went on to explain that there was a discussion about it and a decision was made.

Rove also revealed he was going to say something about this on Fox News Sunday last weekend, but hesitated because he was hopeful President Obama was actually on his was to Paris to appear at the rally. Obama didn’t. Rove said the fact there wasn’t even a discussion about attending the rally shows several things:

• The president has no understanding of how important his role is as a world leader.

• He also doesn’t understand how critical it is that he establish personal relationships with foreign leaders in order to strengthen America’s interests and allies.

• It also shows he is surrounded in the White House by a group of sycophants who do not challenge the president and do not have the kind of robust discussions about what the president should do or not do that are critical for any chief executive.