Terrorism expert Douglas Murray said that he is a little skeptical of the display of solidarity that took place in France this weekend because if this had happened in the United States, Britain, or any other European country they would have been slammed as Islamaphobic, far-right wingers or racist by the same leaders that showed up. He also explained that a lot of the same leaders that were present would be the same ones prosecuting the people who demonstrated if this happened in their own country. He also said that in the western free world we have absolutely, bizarrely, have decided to adopt an element of Islamic blasphemy law that we have decided not to criticize one significant faith. Douglas also talked about how Edward Snowden's leaks have jeopardized the safety of the people of the world because he passed the secrets of how the free world gathered information on terrorists and hampered our ability to get a slight warning of their attacks. The Snowden leaks have also massively hampered our intelligence agencies because terrorists and other extremists have learned how we gathered information and have adapted.