Michael Huckabee

Ed Rollins, GOP political consultant and Fox News contributor, joined Kilmeade with the latest on the potentially crowded field in the GOP race for the presidential nomination in 2016. Rollins believes Jeb Bush getting into the race early is a good move, helping him get a head start in the fundraising department. When asked about Mike Huckabee leaving Fox News and possibly running for president, Rollins said he is convinced that Mike Huckabee is running for president, adding that Huckabee always felt 2016 would be his year. When asked who the front-runner for the GOP nomination is, Rollins replied, "for first time in my lifetime, there is no front-runner" for the GOP presidential nomination. As far as Rollins personal preference for the GOP nomination, Rollins told Brian that he prefers a governor because of their executive experience.

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