Supermodel Petra Nemkova, Founder & Chair of Happy Hearts Fund, joined Brian in studio to discuss her story of surviving the Asian tsunami 10 years ago that killed over 280,000 people and how it has affected her life. Petra told Brian she learned about the "duality of life" while holding onto a palm tree fighting for her survival because the same water that brought her so much pain by breaking her pelvis also provided her great relief by making her buoyant.  Petra said she saw the good in people as she was rescued and came to realize how lucky she was to be alive.

Petra also spoke about her charity, Happy Hearts Fund.  It's goals are to bridge the gap between emergency response and fully restored infrastructure by rebuilding safe-resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters.  Petra said their goals of rebuilding 100 schools by the ten year anniversary has been surpassed and to date they have built a total of 107.

Click here for more information on how you can donate to the Happy Hearts Fund

Watch Brian's full interview with Petra here.

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