Columnist DeRoy Murdock dropped in and talked about the terrorist attacks in Australia and Pakistan and how we have to start to worry about lone-wolf attacks here in New York. DeRoy explained that terrorists are evil and are looking to shed American blood. While terrorists are moving forward in their plans and attacks we are actually pulling back and telling our CIA to back down.

DeRoy also worries that all the protests and attacks on police throughout the country means that they will take a step back and allow crime to happen in bad neighborhoods so they don't get in trouble. There is a thin blue line between civilization and total chaos and that we should respect the cops but punish those that do anything wrong. He also wondered why do we never hear about the black criminals killing black people but we have to hear and have protests whenever a white cop shoots a black criminal. He also wishes that black activists would start to look forward and focus on black success and not backwards at slavery and black failures as an excuse.