Scott McEwen

Brian was joined in studio by American Sniper co-author, Scott McEwen, who spoke about the real life heroics of the late Chris Kyle and the upcoming movie about his life. Scott said Chris Kyle had great appreciation for others who have served in the armed forces, especially those who have been injured in the line of duty. Brian and Scott called Kyle a real life John Wayne. When discussing the movie version of American Sniper, Scott told Brian that he was very impressed with Bradley Cooper, who is playing Kyle in the movie, adding that he thinks Cooper is a “great American patriot”. What impressed Scott most was how Cooper had tremendous respect for the late Chris Kyle and how he wanted to make his portrayal as accurate as possible.

Plus: Brian and Scott discussed the fallout from the democratic report on enhanced interrogations of terrorists. Scott said he supports the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation told Brian that terrorists do not negotiate, they believe in violence and forcing their means on us.

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