Kevin McCarthy

Brian was joined in studio by Kevin McCarthy, Fox News Contributor & Founder of, to discuss Christian Bale as Moses in "Exodus: Gods & Kings", Chris Rock's latest movie, "Top 5", plus Kevin's take on the Sony e-mails calling Angelina Jolie a "spoiled brat". Kevin told Brian that "Exodus" has a very strong first half, but the second half of the film was very underwhelming. In Kevin's opinion, "The Ten Commandments", with Charlton Heston , is the superior film about Moses. Next up, Kevin spoke about Chris Rock's "Top 5", which he described as a Woody Allen style film, only raunchier. Kevin told Brian that while he loved the movie, it may not be suitable for viewers who are offended by raunchy comedy. When asked about the Sony hacked e-mails calling Angelina Jolie a "spoiled brat", Kevin told Brian he was shocked that Jolie was portrayed that way in the e-mails, explaining to Brian that in all his encounters with Jolie, she was always gracious and easy to get along with.

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