kilmeade and kerik

Bernard Kerik, the 40th NYPD Commissioner, joined Brian in studio to discuss the Eric Garner case and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio labeling the NYPD racists.

Kerik told Brian that there have been over 240,000 arrests between January and October in 2014 and the critics have latched onto one or two particular police incidents. Kerik said he finds Mayor Bill de Blasio's comments insinuating the police officers of the NYPD are racist to be "disappointing". Kerik explained that in order for a police force to do their jobs effectively, mayors must give their police forces the benefit of the doubt. Kerik also believes if every cop in America were allowed to carry a Taser, it could have prevented Eric Garner's death. Kerik also shared his experiences with the police growing up in New Jersey. He told Brian, "I was afraid of cops growing up," but was quick to point out he was always respectful.

Watch Bernard Kerik's full Interview here:

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