Black Conservative: Michael Brown the Terrorist in this Story.

Fill-in host Kevin Wall talked to Kevin Jackson, Executive Director of The Black Sphere and author of “Sexy Brilliance and Other Political Lies”, “The BIG Black Lie” and his latest “Race-Pimping” about the latest from Ferguson, MO.  Kevin Jackson explained that the violence is mainly focused in a small part of Ferguson and that it is losing air.  He also told Kevin Wall that while Michael Brown’s family is in Geneva to talk to the U.N. about racial profiling and terrorism that he feels that the terrorist in this story is actually Michael Brown.

Mr. Jackson wonders why everyone is trying to profile Ferguson as a hot bed of racial violence when bigger cities like Chicago, New York and New Orleans have much more problems.  He also said that tragically things like this happen through out the country because too many black teens are strong arm robbing, committing crimes and cops are just doing their job.