Kilmeade Kondensed

Kilmeade Montage of the day

Hour 1 Senator John McCain (R-AZ) dropped by and talked to Brian about President Obama asking for 5.6 billion dollars from Congress to take on ISIS and expressed his belief that this reminds him of the Vietnam war because of our rules of engagement. He also believes that we need a real strategy to defeat ISIS, without a strategy we have no chance to containing them.

They also talked about the Senator's new book "13 Soldiers: A Personal History of Americans at War."

Political strategist Ed Rollins weighed in on the mid-term elections and thinks that the President doesn't want to believe that he is being repudiated by the people. Ed also feels that this win will help the GOP build a bench and really re-build the party across the country, and if the President doesn't deal with it he will be irrelevant.

Looking forward to 2016 Ed talked about feeling that you need a governor to run for President but he has to know how Washington works. Ed also talked about the 3 candidates that intrigue him the most for 2016 are: Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R), and his dark horse is Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R)