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New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin sat down with Brian about President Obama refusing to compromise with republicans on immigration after last week's elections. Goodwin believes President Obama's mind is closed and does not believe anyone who disagrees with him has any legitimacy. Goodwin said President Obama's mission is not to compromise but to transform America. Goodwin believes the least understood aspect of why Obama has failed is he won't talk to anybody, especially those he disagrees with.

Goodwin reflected on why he voted for Barak Obama in 2008. Goodwin told Brian he thought Barak Obama was forward looking and would be able to unite the country. Looking at the polls today, Goodwin points out that race relations have gotten worse under Obama. Godwin is also astonished Al Sharpton has the ear of the president. Goodwin said he voted for Obama and we got Al Sharpton.

Plus: Goodwin and Brian discussed what to look for from democrats and republicans in 2016.

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In part 2 of Brian's exclusive, unedited interview with former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice discussed race-relations. Secretary Rice told Brian she was appalled at the democrats use of the race card in last week's elections. She said both sides of the aisle need to stop playing the race card, and added America has come a long way from when she was growing up in the South.

Sec. Rice believes the biggest racial issue today is poor black kids being trapped failing schools. She said anybody who defends the status quo in minority education is racist. Secretary Rice said we should look at the election of President Obama as a sign that America has moved forward on race relations.

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FNC's Chief White House Correspondent, Ed Henry, called in from Beijing with the latest on President Obama's trip to China and news on Russia in Ukraine. Ed told Brian that the sanctions against Russia had had an effect on its economy but it has not impacted Russian president Vladimir Putin's military incursion into Ukraine. Henry suspects tomorrow Obama and Putin will have a meeting to air out their differences. Ed and Brian also discussed the Chinese media calling President Obama a weak leader after the republicans took control of the Senate in last week's elections.

HOUR 3 Lt. Col. John Nagl (Ret.), author of "Knife Fights: A Memoir of Modern War in Theory and Practice", told Brian that President Obama is finally listening to the joint chiefs that the ISIS threat is real and must be stopped. Nagl explained that it will take U.S. boots on the ground to have a real impact, telling Brian that it is extremely important to have Americans on the ground to gather intelligence so we don't have to rely on foreign countries. Lt. Col. Nagl believes ISIS is more dangerous than Al Qaeda and we will be fighting them for a generation. We must pour American resources back into Iraq to defeat the "clear and present danger" ISIS possesses.

Lt. Col. Nagl said a war doesn't end when we say it ends, it only ends when we do what is necessary for victory.

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In part 3 of Brian's exclusive, unedited interview with former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice she discussed immigration and potential republican candidates for 2016. Secretary Rice told Brian that she believes republicans need reach out to minorities and have a stronger message that resonates with minorities heading into 2016. On President Obama's potential executive action on immigration, Secretary Rice believes immigration is too big an issue to have Obama use his authority for amnesty. Congress and the White House need to work together and be open with the American people on any immigration reform.

Looking forward to 2016, Secretary Rice told Brian that she is very fond of potential candidate Jeb Bush but added that 2014 is not over yet and she will sit back and listen to the potential candidates before she endorses anyone. Secretary Rice said that candidates need to be able to talk to Americans honestly about the choices we face moving forward. The American people are ready for truly honest candidates. As far as plans for running in 2016, Rice told Brian that she has no plans to run for president.

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Al Giordano and Steven Nardizzi, founders of the Wounded Warrior Project, joined Brian in studio to discuss the origins of the WWP, the impact they have had on veterans who need assistance over the last 10 years, and all of the ways in which you can donate to their organization. Al & Steve told Brian there will be over one thousand warriors participating in tomorrow's Veterans Day Parade in NYC.

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