Kilmeade Kondensed 11-5-14


Dr. Larry J. Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics opened the show with his analysis on last night's mid-term elections. Sabato said there was such a discrepancy in the polls showing Gillespie trailing by double digits heading into Election Day that he wants to see an investigation into them. Overall, Dr. Sabato said fundamentally red states stayed red and the purple states (N Carolina, Iowa and Colorado) went red. Dr. Sabato told Brian that the Republican victory is not a tsunami, but a wave, calling it a "full moon high tide". Last night's big loser was President Obama, adding his final two years will be tough.

Lt. Col. Allen West gave Brian his take on last night's republican victories. Lt. Col. West said now the republicans must get down to business and help bring back job growth in America. One issue Col. West said the American people do not want is immigration reform. If President Obama gives amnesty to millions of illegals, President Obama will be violating the constitution.

Lt. Col. West told Brian if Mitch McConnell becomes Senate Majority Leader he wants him to be resolute and promote an agenda of growth and opportunity in American. He must help the economy get back on track and make sure we are protecting America from our enemies abroad. One of the first things Lt. Col West wants to see McConnell do is push the passage of the Keystone Pipeline. West said the one thing to take away form mid-terms is the identity era is over, no more war on women, no more using the race card, focus on issues.

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FNC Chief Congressional Correspondent, Mike Emanuel, discussed the fallout for President Obama and the democrats after the GOP won control of the Senate last night. Emanuel said in the short term, look for Harry Reid to push through as many judicial nominees as possible before the republicans take over in January. One of the big things to watch for is the fate of Harry Reid. Will the democrats keep him as minority leader in January?

Matt Kibbe, President and CEO of Freedom Works, told Brian he believes low voter turnout helped republicans win the senate. The big headline for him is not republicans taking over the senate but the republicans gaining more seats in the House. Kibbe told Brian there are now 100 plus tea party republicans in the House. Kibbe said the Tea Party came together to support establishment republicans to fight against a common enemy. Kibbe is happy but not excited at the results in last night's election, adding people like Rand Paul have to lead the way for conservatives headed into the 2016 presidential election. If republicans play small ball and do not offer a real alternative to President Obama's agenda, republicans will have problems heading into 2016 presidential election.

Brian "BK Broiler" Kilmeade wrapped up the second hour with award winning comedian Paul Mecurio. Paul said he was shocked how well the republicans did last night. Paul believes it is a joke to think President Obama will work with republicans since he has had a hard time reaching across the aisle in his first six years. Paul predicts more gridlock in Washington in President Obama's last two years. Paul believes the momentum turned in favor of the republicans when President Obama admitted he had no real plan to take on ISIS.

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FNC Contributor, Joe Trippi, joined Brian in studio with his take on last night's elections. Trippi said President Obama should follow what Presidents Clinton and Bush did after their parties lost control of Congress and find some common ground with them. Trippi said he sees no indication President Obama will work with the republicans in his last two years.

Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum joined Trippi with their take on last night's mid-terms. Martha believes the middle class sent a message to President Obama and the politicians in Washington. Hemmer thinks this election was defined 14 months ago with his red line speech, the failed rollout of Obamacare and his lack of strategy dealing with ISIS. Hemmer said democrats were begging for leadership from President Obama and he failed to deliver. Looking forward to 2016, Hemmer believes Scott Walker was the big winner last night, pointing out he has just won his 3rd election in a short period. Martha believes Chris Christie came out the a big winner because he help lead republicans to gubernatorial victories.