Kilmeade Kondensed 11-3-14


NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin joined Brian to discuss the mid-terms and what the republicans need to do if they take control of the Senate. Goodwin believes the odds favor Republicans taking over the Senate, but cautions it's not a sure thing. If both parties get the people to turn out in high numbers it will be a good night for the republicans because people are tired of President Obama. Goodwin believes if the Republicans take the Senate, it will important to see how Mitch McConnell operates as Senate Majority Leader. Can he work with Boehner in the House to show the American people they can get things done and it's not all about politics?

Brian was joined by authors of "Right for a Reason: Life, Liberty, and a Crapload of Common Sense", Miriam Weaver and Amy Jo Clark, also known as "Chicks on the Right." According to Miriam and Amy Jo, at the top of the list of what women care about are the economy, jobs and national security. "The Chicks" believe the issue of equal pay for women has been debunked and the left uses it to scare women. Speaking about the war on women, Amy Jo and Miriam spoke about the left getting away with sexist remarks, pointing out Iowa Democratic Senator Tom Harken, who said that Iowans shouldn't vote for Republican Joni Ernst just because she's "really attractive" and "sounds nice." Amy Jo and Miriam believe if it was a republican who said what Senator Harkin did towards a female democrat, the media would make it front page news.

Looking forward to both 2014 mid-terms and the 2016 presidential election, Amy Jo and Miriam believe Republicans are bad at getting their message across. Republicans must be on the offensive when getting their message across.


FNC political analyst Juan Williams was in studio giving his take on what the democrats need to do in order to hold onto the Senate. According to Juan, democrats need an extraordinary turnout tomorrow at the voting booth to have a chance to keep the Senate. Juan believes there is no central core to the 2014 mid-term elections.

Juan believes the GOP is in the middle of a civil war and that could impact any chance of President Obama and the republicans finding common ground in his last two years as president.

After Brian and Juan were done talking about the mid-terms, Juan had enough of Brian because when Brian asked him to stick around, Juan answered with a definitive, "NO!"

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Brian and Ed Henry, FNC's Chief White House Correspondent, the reports that President Obama is frustrated that he has not been invited more to campaign for democrats headed into the 2014 mid-term elections.

Turning to ISIS, Henry said the early stages of fighting ISIS in Iraq is not going well. Henry said it appears that some of the moderate rebels in Iraq have been run over by ISIS. Henry told Brian that it looks like General Dempsey wants to send more military advisers to Iraq but Henry points out that many experts believe without ground troops, advisers will not make a difference.

On Iran, Henry said President Obama will be looking for an issue to help his legacy in his final two years. That may lead to the president to make a deal with Iran on their nuclear ambitions.


Chris Stirewalt, Digital Politics Editor For Fox News, joined Brian in studio and broke down what to expect in tomorrow's mid-term elections. Stirewalt explained how historically, presidents usually lose control of Congress after the mid-term elections in their second term as president. The exception being President Clinton in 1998, who kept control of Congress during his second term.

Stirewalt gave his insight on a few key races, including Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, who he believes has only a 1 in 10 chance to win a possible December runoff against Rep. Bill Cassidy. Stirewalt also touched on some of the key governor races, predicting Florida Governor Rick Scott (R), will need a miracle to win tomorrow.


HOUR 3 Brian was joined in studio by the host of Special Report, Bret Baier. Bret believes there will not be a ton of movement in the polls. Bret said the bottom line is, "The cake has been baked...there is not going to be a ton of movement between now and tomorrow and it all depends on who shows up." Brian and Bret believe that Kansas is a wild card. Bret said Kansas is a republican state at its heart. If the senate is going to swing on what happens in Kansas, the thought is Pat Roberts wins in Kansas tomorrow.