Brian Kilmeade George Washington's Secret Six

Kilmeade Kondensed 10-27-14


New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin joined Brian to discuss Ebola and the "Lone Wolf" terror attacks in Canada and New York City.

Goodwin said we are disarming ourselves against the growing radical Islamic threat, adding, any government official wanting  to wait to be hit before taking action against rouge terrorist groups is making a deadly mistake.  Goodwin points out that New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio has handcuffed the NYPD when he ended surveillance of radical Muslims. Goodwin wonders if Mayor DeBlasio didn't shut down the program, what would we have known about Zale Thompson before he carried out his terrorist attack on 4 NYPD officers.

On Ebola, Goodwin said New York Governor Cuomo is not caving to Obama administration pressure over new restrictions. Goodwin finds it shocking at how uncoordinated the government response has been, adding the government  seems to be changing the rules as they go along, leading to the American people being confused.  Goodwin said while there may be no perfect solution to deal with Ebola, it is best to err on the side of caution.


Brian sat down with his co-author Don Yaeger and they talked about the release of "George Washington's Secret Six" on paperback and the new chapter on the identity of Agent 355. Brian and Don shared the story of how they came together to write the book. Brian and Don discussed how the CIA told them that the "Secret Six" spying techniques were decades ahead of their time.


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ED HENRY wondered if Obama's comments on the midterms were really rookie mistakes or if they were said with some purpose since he said them multiple times.  Ed speculated that the President might want to send a message to some of these dems since they did vote for his policies and now they seemly want to have it both ways.  Ed explained that Obama wants the democrats to win and maintain control of the Senate, but he is also looking at the fact that if they are all running from him now are they going to be there to support his agenda during his last two years in office?

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Hour 3

 Bret Baier joined Brian to discuss the 2014 Mid-Terms, Ebola and ISIS.

Bret opened up by talking a little bit about his weekend special that focused on the 2014 mid-term elections and the possible effect new EPA regulations may have on Middle America.

On Ebola, Baier said Governors in New York and New Jersey are looking out for the people of their states. Bret said public opinion is on the side of both Gov. Cuomo and Christie, adding that other governors and mayors want to follow suit. Bret points out that the question is the rights of health workers returning vs. public safety.

Talking about ISIS, Bret believes there is real concern in the pentagon as well as our allies that President Obama's lack of a clear strategy on ISIS is hamstringing any effective effort to stop them. Bret told Brian that there are reports that ISIS may have used chemical weapons in Syria.


Brian asked General Keane about the reports that Gen. Martin Dempsey rarely meets with the President and General Keane answered very candidly.  He said, "The relationship between the Pentagon and the White House are probably the most distant we have had since I have been watching this."  General Keane explained that they went from weekly meetings with President Bush and his field commanders dealing with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to rare contact.  Keane continued, "Obviously, we have been in a war in Afghanistan up until this date and we have begun another one in Iraq and Syria and those meetings only occur on occasion.  There is no routine that a president and his military commanders talking to each other."

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