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General Michael Hayden, former Director of both the NSA & CIA, sat down with Brian in Studio and weighed in on a range of issues, from the terror attacks in Canada and NYC to Leon Panetta's book. General Hayden told Brian that there are only so many things your government can do to protect you and keep your society free. General Hayden said while the Canadians have been far more "gentler" dealing with terrorism, they are now they are going to recalibrate how they handle radical Muslims.

The General told Brian how it is hard to speak up when you are within the government, but what is surprising to him is that Gates, Clinton and Panetta are writing books while the president is still in power.

General Hayden also discussed The Feinstein Report, which he said is hanging over the CIA's head. Accusing them of not just being wrong but lying about things they have done in the past. These are good people and they don't lie and that is certainly troubling.

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Florida's Libertarian Candidate for Governor, ADRIAN WYLLIE, discussed what he would bring to the table if he is elected as Florida's next governor. Wyllie explained that the reason he was not a part of the debate last week was because the organizers of the debate kept raising the bar. Wyllie said every time he met the minimum standard to be a part of the debate the organizers kept raising the bar until he couldn't reach the minimum standard.

When asked about his opponents, Wyllie told Brian he does not believe Gov. Rick Scott is a conservative since he has increased state spending by 11 billion dollars since being in office, signed common core into law and "signed some dubious anti-Second Amendment bills." On Charlie Crist, Wyllie said, "I think Charlie Christ goes whichever way the wind blows, frankly his moral compass spins faster than the fan at his feet, so you really can't trust anything either of these men say." When Brian asked Wyllie who he hopes wins the election if it's not him, he responded, "if it's not me, flip a coin, because I see no difference between either of these two candidates." To close out the interview Brian asked what he would have done if he was on stage last week when Crist and Scott argued over a fan being on stage to which Wyllie said, "If I had been on that stage, I would have been the only adult in the room!"

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Brian was joined by WHITNEY DOW, Director and producer of The Whiteness Project. Dow explained that he wanted to do a project that examined exactly what "whiteness" is. Dow explained that he shot the project in Buffalo, NY because there is a disenfranchised white middle class that feels that they have gotten a raw deal. Dow went on to explain that when he looks at the overall data, white people are still doing well in America. One of the points Dow made about being a white male is that he is allowed to project his own identity on himself. When asked if we have made enough progress in race relations today compared to where we were in the 1960's, Dow said we have absolutely made a lot of progress, but added he does not think we have made enough progress.


SHANNON BREAM anchor of America's News Headquarters, joined Brian in studio to discuss yesterday's ax attack in Jamaica, Queens on 4 members of the NYPD and Dr. Craig Spencer, the first person in New York City to test positive for Ebola.

Shannon said the lone wolf attacks are the thing we have to be most worried about. Shannon expressed her frustration being the daughter of a former cop and thinking about her dad having to be in the streets and afraid to follow his instincts in wanting to stop someone out of the fear he might get sued. Shannon expressed her doubts on the Ebola screening protocols in place. Shannon said people are human and lie about things, making it tough to rely on people's honesty. Shannon called Dr. Craig Spencer a hero for willingly going to Guinea to help fight Ebola.

On the lighter side, Brian and Shannon discussed their high school days and the fact they both had parents who worked in their schools!

Shannon ended her time with Brian saying her appearance today on Kilmeade & Friends was " the zenith of my life" but added it can still get better.

Watch Brian and Shannon talk about their days in high school.

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CHRIS STIREWALT, digital politics editor for Fox News Channel, joined Brian & talked Ebola. Stirewalt told Brian that anyone who says they are worried about an Ebola outbreak in America is called anything ranging from alarmist to a racist. Stirewalt added that the way the media and the President have handled the Ebola crisis is animated by the mid-term cycle. Stirewalt believes if the Ebola crisis started after the mid-term elections, you would hear a lot more concern from the democrats and the press. Plus: Stirewalt and Brian discussed the latest polling on the mid-term elections and which states are still in play for both democrats and republicans.


There is no better way to end then week than with TUCKER CARLSON, co-host of FOX & Friends Weekend and creator of The Daily Caller. Tucker found it "weird" that Dr. Craig Spencer, a doctor who knew the risks of spreading Ebola, wasn't more cautious. Tucker believes the mentality of people like NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and others on the left is 'we are all one global community and it is bigoted to look out for us before looking out for other countries.' Tucker added our government only exists to help Untied States citizens and there is no other reason to have a government.

Tucker and Brian also discussed yesterday's ax attack on 4 NYPD officers in Jamaica, Queens. Tucker pointed out that the left wing media refuse to point out that the man behind the ax attack is a radical Muslim.

Brian and Tucker ended their interview talking about the audio tape of Bristol Palin being assaulted and the subsequent mocking that took place on CNN. Tucker said the entire situation is depressing. A girl getting beaten up is not funny.