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HOUR 1 Former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush KARL ROVE checked-in to talk about the mid-term elections and the terror attacks that occurred in Canada. Karl talked about always being afraid of lone wolf attacks but it was low on the list back then, however with the growth of recruiting on social media lone wolf attacks are becoming a much greater threat. Karl explained that President Obama dancing around the subject and not calling the incident a terror attack shows the psyche of the man.

Karl and Brian talked about his Wall Street Journal article explaining how over 50% of the populace feels the Affordable Care Act has hurt their family. The reason Republicans aren't bringing up Obamacare in their campaigns is that they just don't have to. Bringing up the fact that their opponents have voted 99% of the time with Obama takes care of that and reminds them of all the harm Obama and the Democrats have done. Karl also believes that with a Republican president we will be able to repeal and replace parts of Obamacare and fix parts like pre-existing conditions.

Karl weighed in on the Florida governor's race and said that Charlie Crist is all about politics and all about Charlie Crist and doesn't care about anything or anyone else.

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Florida Governor RICK SCOTT (R) called in to talk about his tight race against Charlie Crist and how all he is trying to tell the people of Florida is all about how he has created thousands of jobs for the people of the state. Brian asked the Governor why he would want this job and he expressed his belief that he wants everyone to have the same opportunity he had, from coming from public housing to becoming the governor.

HOUR 2 "Fox News Sunday" host CHRIS WALLACE weighed in on the terror attack in Canada and Chris explained that the most powerful instrument that groups like ISIS may have is the internet where they can post messages and videos that turn people into lone wolves to attack.

Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co." host STUART VARNEY dropped by to talk about the market and how he believes that it is looking for a reason to keep on going up. He also explained that the United States becoming the world's largest producer of oil and the price of oil dropping is a game changer in the world because it hurts the economy of countries like Venezuela, Russia, Iran and Middle East terrorists because they need it to be over $120 dollars a barrel.

HOUR 3 Fox News correspondent GREG PALKOT called in from Turkey to give us the latest going on in Kobani and with ISIS. Greg let us know that U.S. airstrikes just took out a hill full of ISIS terrorists. Greg explained that Turkey is finally understanding that ISIS is so close to them that if they don't do anything to help the Kurds it may come back to haunt them. Greg also let us know that ISIS has control of about 50% of Kobani and the outskirts of town and just keep bringing reinforcements to fortify their ranks. Greg and Brian agreed that the right time to have attacked ISIS was when they were first rolling into Kobani in an open field and wiped them out before they even got close to the city.

Senior contributor to The Daily Caller MATT LEWIS talked about the Palin brawl in Alaska and how CNN's Carol Costello, who bashed everyone over the handling of Ray Rice, found it very funny that Bristol Palin and her sister were abused. This incident is actually very similar to the Ray Rice incident in that both were callously dragged on the floor and had their skirts rising up but where the Rice video was appalling, the Palin audio and video was actually very funny.