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HOUR 1 Former Congressman (R-FL) and Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) talked about the Florida governor's debate and how the policies of the current governor have led Florida out of the economic downturn.  Lt. Col. West and Brian also talked about Gov. Crist saying he left the GOP because they were racist against President Obama.  The biggest problem with the GOP party is they can't connect with the public; they come across as policy and economy wonks that just look and talk about the numbers.

On the war against ISIS Lt. Col. West agreed with Lt. Col. Oliver North that ISIS is looking and getting ready to attack the United States in Baghdad and that ISIS is diverting our attention from the capital while they try to destabilize the Iraqi government by using suicide /homicide bombers rather than taking over the city.

Lt. Col. West also saw the hypocrisy of sending American troops to West Africa to fight Ebola but not defend Iraq.  Why are our troops going in their instead of the United Nations?

HOUR 2 FOX's Chief Congressional Correspondent MIKE EMANUEL discussed the mid-term elections and how Democratic candidates are running from the President in battle ground states.  An ABC poll recently came out and said that most Americans want compromise between the political parties but will they vote that way?

Kiss lead singer GENE SIMMONS checked in and talked about his new book "Me, Inc." Gene talked about his mom being his hero and wanting to make sure that he could make it big to take care of her.  Gene expressed his belief that moms are the backbone of every family.  Gene explained that his book is a cliff note/primer on how to get ahead in life.  You can't wait for school to teach you what you need to succeed, you need to go out and learn it and do it yourself.   The 2 most important skills you need to get ahead are language and people skills.  The entertainment field (rockers, rappers, etc.) is filled with morons because they let everyone else take care of all their business and don't know what is happening in their business.

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HOUR 3 "The O'Reilly Factor" host BILL O'REILLY dropped by and talked about his new book "Killing Patton".  Bill said that he wanted to teach people how brutal the final 5 months of World War II were and that the death of General Patton was very weird and that a lot of evidence shows that he was assassinated.  Patton was feared by Hitler and Stalin and they always wanted to know where he was.

Patton also believed that we should go after the communists and not stop at Germany because he felt the Russians wanted to conquer the world.  Bill also believes that Patton wanting to go after Russia is what actually got him killed and not the alleged car accident.

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