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HOUR 1 New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN talked about President Obama once again laying blame on his staff for letting him down over the spread of Ebola with failed precautions and contamination of extra people.  Michael believes that we have a President that is most concerned about him and not the government and how it functions.  He went on to explain that the reason 3 top former cabinet members wrote books criticizing Obama because they know that he is disloyal and will throw anybody under the bus so they did it to beat him to it.  Michael and Brian switched gears and talked about the midterm election and how many Democratic candidates don't want his endorsement because his support will kill their campaign.

"Special Report" host BRET BAIER weighed in on Kobani and explained that the administration has changed their tune on the town's importance because the Kurds and the air strikes are turning the tide in the battle.  On reports that President Obama will bypass Congress and sign a deal with Iran that will temporarily remove sanctions because that will really set both Republican and Democratic members.  Critics of the administration wonder why he would try this with oil prices dropping we would have leverage to get more concessions from Iran rather than giving in to them.

HOUR 2 Former Surgeon General Dr. RICHARD CARMONA checked-in and talked about the Ebola crisis.  Dr. Carmona talked about the Dallas hospital issuing an apology but explained that everyone needs to step back and drop any tops of politics because this is an American problem.   He also said that there has been a lot of misinformation that is out there and all the public wants is to know how to protect their family and not be given contradictory info.  Dr. Carmona then went through to explain how the original patient fell through the cracks.  He also said that our medical professionals have to be retested for all types of infectious disease so they can better identify high contagious and deadly diseases like Ebola.  The Doctor also believes that the public has lost confidence with the government and that our leaders have to do everything to win it back so that they calm down and see that everything is under control.