Andy Levy on Ebola: I Am Tired of All of These “Calm-Mongerors” + Varney on Oil Prices

Kilmeade Kondensed…10/16/14

Hour 1

Joe Kelley, the News Director for Brian’s Orlando affiliate News 96.5, broke down all the drama that happened at last night’s Florida Gubernatorial debate, now dubbed as #FanGate!   Even though Charlie Crist violated the rules, which specifically stated no electronic devices would be allowed on the stage, Gov. Scott did not handle the situation wisely.


Brian’s TV brother, Steve Doocy, joined Brian for his weekly hitIn addition to talking about the #KilmeadeBig3 and taking calls, Brian and Steve wondered if Bill Clinton could legally be Hillary Clinton’s running-mate in 2016 (the answer, probably not but it would likely be an issue for the Supreme Court).


Hour 2

During his weekly hit with Brian, Chris Wallace revealed that when Charlie Crist was on Fox News Sunday he also demanded a fan.  Chris joked, “The man clearly sweats a lot.”  Wallace went on to say regardless of #fangate, Gov Scott was a ‘dope’ for not appearing on stage on time.

Listen to Brian’s interview with Chris!


FBN’s Stu Varney answered Brian’s pressing question: why do our enemies suffer, and we benefit, when oil prices going down?  Stu said that Russia and Iran take a hit when oil prices go down because both of their economies are based on oil prices being high.  Stuart also explained the reason for the market taking a nose dive yesterday.  He said the market declined as a whole because the world is slowing down, but yesterday the fears surrounding Ebola triggered the downturn.



Hour 3

Andy Levy, self-described libertarian and Red Eye All-Star, weighed in on the Ebola hysteria.  Andy said there are certain things you like to think the government can do right, such as keeping us safe from infectious diseases, but it is kind of hard to think that right now.  Brian then had Andy react to Shepard Smith’s comments where he tried to calm some of the Ebola hysteria to which Andy said he is tired of all of these “calm-mongerors!”


Fox’s James Rosen likened the FL Gubernatorial debate to the Nixon-Kennedy debate where Nixon refused makeup and was sweating profusely.  Because of that the people watching TV thought Kennedy won and the people who heard the debate over the radio thought Nixon won.  Rosen updated Brian on the Iran nuclear talks.  He said if there is no deal on the Iran nuclear program by November 24th the big question is if the US will seek another extension on these talks.