JAY SEKULOW: Obama’s Pinprick Approach is Not Working



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“Kidnapped by the Taliban” author Dr. DILIP JOSEPH dropped by to talk about being taken by the Taliban and how he was rescued by SEAL team 6.  Dr. Joseph talked about trying to interact with his captures because he wanted to show them that he wasn’t different than they were to try and garner sympathy.

Former Congressman (R-FL) and Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) talked about the recent Ebola outbreaks and said that people aren’t trusting of the administration and that we should cordon off the worst areas of the outbreak.  We also need to get all of our hospitals up to speed on the treatment of the disease.  Colonel West also talked about the news that WMD’s were found in Iraq between 2004 and 2012.  He told Brian that he knew of these weapons during his tour and the most alarming part of this is the ISIS has now taken over the areas that these weapons were made and stored.

“Fox and Friends First” co-host AINSLEY EARHARDT touched on the latest Ebola victim, another female healthcare worker who worked on Thomas Eric Duncan. Brian and Ainsley agreed that it just seems that the CDC is talking down to us and not giving us all the information we need to know.

Author of “Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore” JAY SEKULOW dropped by to talk about his book and how he heard about ISIS a year ago.  Jay explained to Brian that you can draw a direct line from Hamas to ISIS.  The biggest difference is that Hamas blends into the community while ISIS, as for now, is like a regular army with fatigues and out in the open.  They have changed their name to just the Islamic State because they want a state for the whole Muslim world ruled under them.  Unfortunately, the pinprick approach of President Obama is not working.   Obama’s Middle East strategy is falling apart right before his eyes because every move he has made and side he has picked lost.

FOX’s Chief Congressional Correspondent MIKE EMANUEL discussed the mid-term elections and how the races are shaping up and how good it looks for the GOP.

The 17th Surgeon General under President George W. Bush Dr. RICHARD CARMONA expressed his concern about the recent Ebola victim in Dallas.  Dr. Carmona expressed his belief that our healthcare workers have to be given strict protocol procedures to follow and not ones that they come up with on their own.   He does agree with all the help we have sent to Africa because we need to stop it from spreading there before we can actually contain it before it spreads worldwide.

America’s Newsroom co-hosts MARTHA MACCALLUM and BILL HEMMER dropped by and talked about Ebola, ISIS, and talked about the administration finally naming the operation against ISIS.  They also talked about the mid-term elections and how some of the races have taken a surprising turn.