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HOUR 1 New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN talked about General Dempsey and his thoughts on the rules he was given to fight the war on ISIS.  The General has been given rules that make it impossible for him to win the war.  President Obama is like a child in that he refuses to ever admit that he has made a mistake.  His heart is not in this battle so he wants to do the least possible.  Michael explained that even is General Dempsey hands in his resignation Obama will not change his thinking because he does not listen to anybody because he is the smartest person in the room.  On Paul Krugman calling Obama the most consequential President in American history Michael agreed because he has ruined everything.

Author of "I'm Too Young For This: The Natural Hormone Solution to Enjoy Perimenopause" and actor SUZANNE SOMERS talked about the Wendy Davis ad attacking her GOP rival Greg Abbott, the Ebola virus and wondered why we would send soldiers into West Africa to help contain and eliminate the outbreak. Suzanne explained that if she had a child serving there she would feel that they would not be safe. Suzanne also talked to Brian and asked if he saw her breast after she was able to grow her breast back naturally. She also relayed to Brian that she enjoys sex every day because she believes a healthy person is a sexual person.

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HOUR 2 Fox's Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY talked about ISIS and how people "on the ground" and in charge of the air strikes know that this is not enough because without American troops on the ground we have not been able to slow down ISIS.  One of the problems with the air strikes is that they have been sporadic and not anywhere near the "Shock and Awe" air strikes that softened up Iraq before the ground war began.

HOUR 3 "Special Report" host BRET BAIER talked about needing to arm the Kurds in their war against ISIS.  We also have to force Turkey to do more in the battle.  One of the problems is that everything the United States is giving to the Kurds goes through the Iraqi government who doesn't want to give them too much power.  Turkey is also turning a blind eye to the Kurdish fighters and the Kurds have actually warned that if they are defeated by ISIS they will re-start their guerilla war against Turkey.