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HOUR 1 Former Congressman (R-FL) and Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) talked to Brian about letting the city of Kobani fall to ISIS and how Turkey is just tracking it.  Lt. Col. West said that he thought we were supposed to be degrading and destroying them not monitoring the situation.  We have not provided the Kurds with any weapons and that should be our first priority.  We cannot expect to win a ground war through the air.  We don't need to sit back and wait for Turkey, we have never waited for anyone before.  Our worldwide reputation is at stake because the President won't take decisive action.

"America's Got Talent" host, actor, comedian, producer, philanthropist and more NICK CANNON dropped by to talk about health wellness and the fast approaching flu season.  He also talked about his new film coming out on VH-1 the sequel to "Drumline", his time on "America's Got Talent", and all of his other endeavors.  Nick also explained that now what he wants to do is use his celebrity to help others.

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HOUR 2 Fox News SHANNON BREAM dropped by and weighed in on Harvard students blaming America for the rise of ISIS, the lack of leadership from President Obama and why former administration members are speaking out.  Shannon and Brian also talked about how the administration has let Kobani fall to ISIS by not providing arms to the Kurds and by not allowing boots on the ground.  Sometimes as President you have to deviate from your plan.

FOX's Chief Congressional Correspondent MIKE EMANUEL discussed how both the GOP and Democratic parties are both kept at bay by the administration which refuses to build any type of relationships.

HOUR 3 America's Newsroom co-hosts MARTHA MACCALLUM and BILL HEMMER dropped by and played musical chairs because Martha walked in a little late.  They did a little more to know talking about Vladimir Putin's birthday, rumors that hair is getting caught in the new iPhone, Kim Jung-Un missing and more