Listen here for the Kilmeade Montage of the day

HOUR 1 New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN talked about how we have a political class, especially in New York, that is afraid to attack Al Sharpton because they fear he will turn on them and take the black vote with them.  Michael really believes that the voters are responsible for this lack of standards and voting in people with no back bone.  It's just wrong to think that the Secret Service doesn't care about President Obama's safety.  Michael also said that our government had gotten so big that many different things fall through the cracks.  On former Secretary of Defense and former CIA Director Leon Panetta attacking the President Michael and explained to Brian that he wasn't ready to be president and that Panetta said the President wants to do what is best for the nation because it is not clear that he  wants to do what is right for the country, and it seems he only wants to do what is right for him.

"The Five" co-host DANA PERINO said that President Obama should just stop talking if he wants to help Democrats during the mid-term.  She also believes that Leon Panetta should not be coming out and criticizing the President until after Obama's administration was over. She wondered why he didn't try to be more forceful out in public and wondered the loyalty behind his book and admissions. Dana and Brian also talked about Former President Bush (43) saying that he was pushing Jeb to run for President.

HOUR 2 Fox's Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY talked about how many in the GOP only feel that the president is striking ISIS is political and that after the mid-term he will stop attacking them.  Ed said that you have to hold back before these criticisms until we see what he does.  He also feels that what President Obama should really be worried about is that he may have to send boots on the ground in Syria.  They also discussed David Axelrod saying that the President saying although he's not on the ballot he is because it is all about his agenda was wrong and that it will hurt candidates.  They also talked about Vice President Biden's latest gaff attacking our allies in the Mid-East saying that they armed ISIS.  Although Biden told the truth it was a massive mistake and a slap in the face to our allies.

HOUR 3 "Special Report" host BRET BAIER talked about Leon Panetta's USA Today interview where he bashed the President and says you can't keep making the same mistakes over and over when defending the country.  Bret explains that the administration hopes Panetta stops talking because every time he gives an interview things get worse the administration.   Bret and Brian also talked about V.P. Biden being honest in explaining that the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, inadvertently, were the reason for the rise of ISIS.