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The Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens opened the show discussing the Secret Service congressional hearings over their failures protecting the president. Stephens feels that the top 50 people in the secret service should have resigned and the New York City police department should take over protecting president Obama until they can revamp the secret service.

Turning to ISIS, Stephens said it is better to use a limited effective force to deal with ISIS than waiting too long and be forced to use a greater ground force.

Stephens discussed his latest article, "Obama Needs to Call Bush." Stephens wrote that "having a long conversation with Mr. Bush is what Mr. Obama needs to do if he means to start salvaging his failing presidency" Stephens believes President Obama would find that President Bush is a genuine person who could help him revive his presidency the way President Bush did late in his second term. Stephens added that is shows a lack of class when President Obama constantly puts down former President George W. Bush.

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Col. Allen West and Brian spoke about the Oklahoma beheading that took place last week and radical Islam in America. On protecting Americans from radical Islam, Col. West said we have a cancer in America which puts American citizens in increased jeopardy. West believes there is an overriding desire in America to be politically correct instead of putting the security of America and American citizens first.

On ISIS, Col. West told Brian if Baghdad falls, President Obama will blame President Bush and will not take any responsibility for the chaos in the Middle East. West told Brian that this is what happens when you get an incompetent community organizer as president.

Brian asked Col. West if he would consider heading the Secret Service if he was offered the position. West responded by saying "I will always serve my country and I can think of no greater honor than to lead a great organization of men and women like the Secret Service...and have the ultimate mission of protecting the president of the United States of America..."

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Dr. Ben Carson opened the second hour discussing his latest book , "One Vote: Make Your Voice Heard" Dr. Carson feels that America is at a crossroads and people are not informed when they vote and he wrote the book to help get people up top speed in order to become an informed voter.

Dr. Carson gave his expert medical opinion on the first confirmed case of Ebola in America. Dr. Carson told Brian that the concept of bringing anyone into America with Ebola is foolishness. Dr. Carson points out that we have the ability to treat infected patients outside of America and then bring them back when they are cured.

Brian ended the interview asking Dr. Carson what would stop him for running for president? Dr. Carson said he will base his decision on the 2014 mid-term elections.

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Mike Emanuel, Fox News Channel's Chief Congressional Correspondent, told Brian that there is a a bipartisan lack of confidence Secret Service director Julia Peterson in Washington D.C. over the security breaches at the White House and protecting President Obama. Emanuel and Brian also discussed the grave concern that ISIS may take over Baghdad in Iraq and the latest polls suggesting Republicans may take over control of the senate after the 2014 mid-term elections.


Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum were in studio talking about the Secret Service congressional hearings over their failures protecting the president, whether the Oklahoma beheading was an act of terrorism, and the ongoing controversy over the Washington Redskins name.