Former Congressman (R-FL) and Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) talked to Brian and called President Obama a political ideology who doesn't have the ability to lead a strong offensive.  There is no one that is afraid of President Obama, he doesn't instil fear to our enemies or confidence in our allies.  Colonel West also said that we have to stop claiming that ISIS is not Islamic because Islam has always been a religion that is not tolerant.


Former Ambassador DENNIS ROSS told Brian that we have to take on ISIS because we don't have a choice.  The best way to deal with them is to inflict setbacks to them and attacking them wherever they are because we cannot allow them to have a safe haven from which to operate.  He also explained that this won't be a short campaign because they have strong base of operations from Syria.  Ambassador Ross also told Brian that it is very important that we have Arab nations as part of the coalition because they understand that this is a threat they are going to have to deal with and we need to show that the Sunni world is rejecting ISIS.  You can't defeat an ideology from the outside, it has to be defeated and discredited from the inside.


Author of "The Bremer Detail: Protecting the Most Threatened Man in the World" FRANK GALLAGHER dropped by to talk about working for BlackWater to protect Paul Bremer.  Frank talked about how fearless Bremer was despite intelligence reports that he was being targeted for death.  He also explained that the biggest problem we had was that we didn't have an understanding of the underbelly of Iraqi culture.  Frank believes that Iraq will not exist as we know it today.

Frank told Brian that outside of the Kurds there is no one willing to take on ISIS and that any land they recapture they will not hand back.

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America's Newsroom co-hosts MARTHA MACCALLUM and BILL HEMMER dropped by and talked about the Alaskan news anchor quitting on air, the possibility of Mitt Romney running for office again, Wesleyan University ordering Fraternities being told they have to admit women and more.

MLB Hall of Famer and former NY Yankees manager JOE TORRE talked about Derek Jeter's retirement and how he is enjoying his "goodbye tour" to a point and that he isn't comfortable being singled out.  Mr. Torre also talked about his battle with prostate cancer and how September is prostate awareness month.  For more information you can go to