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Congressman Buck McKeon (R-CA), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, joined Brian on Kilmeade and Friends and expressed his belief that he hasn't seen a strategy from President Obama on ISIS. McKeon said his concern with the President isn't so much with what he says, but what he does. Over the past six years, he has a pattern of starting something and as soon as the media looks the other way he moves onto something else. McKeon cites Obama giving the speech on ISIS and then quickly moving onto the issue of Ebola as an example, "He gave the speech last week and it sounded like the most important thing in the world was defeating terrorism and then ISIL and all the assorted people who are trying to kill us. And the next week he was down in Georgia sending billions of dollars and 3,000 troops to Africa to fight the Ebola crisis. He just can't stick with anything long enough to actually achieve anything."

McKeon thinks we should have bombed Syria before Obama said we were going to bomb them. McKeon explained that one of Obama's problems is that the first thing he does is to say what we are not going to do or announces to the enemy what we are going to do. And in the case of announcing we are going to bomb inside of Syria, ISIS immediately went underground. McKeon understands why Americans are confused with Obama's rhetoric, "First thing he says, is we are going to bomb. Second thing, no troops on the ground. And then a little while later he says we are putting boots on the ground. It is a little bit confusing. I understand why the American people kind of wonder what we are doing. And these poor guys in uniform who have the responsibility to carry out these things, they get mixed messages and it is a tough deal."

McKeon referred to how we handled the situation in Ukraine as an example of how Obama can't claim every issue is the most important issue in the world. McKeon said, "Like we did with Ukraine. We set that example for the world with our leadership. Yea, right! We gave Crimea to Russia. We gave Eastern Ukraine to Russia. And the President of Ukraine comes here begging us for help and we give him blankets and then take credit that that is a great example!"


"Fox and Friends" co-host ELISABETH HASSELBECK stopped by and talked with Brian about being on for the show together for a year and explained how much fun she has on it.  They then talked about ISIS and the President's plan.  Brian and Elisabeth talked about the NFL and how they really need to come down and take care of all these personal problems.



Fox News contributor JUAN WILLIAMS dropped by the studios  and talked about Australia foiling a terrorist plot to kidnap people off the streets and beheading them.  Juan also told Brian that he can't understand how young people in America and Europe who grew up in the west are actually going over to work and become members of ISIS.  Juan explained to Brian that Generals aren't disagreeing with the President they are telling him that if you want to win this war against ISIS you are going to need boots on the ground to root out the terrorists from the towns they are taking.

Fox News Digital Politics Editor CHRIS STIERWALT checked in and talked about how within hours of announcing that they would hit ISIS with airstrikes, the French began hitting them in Iraq.  Chris also weighed in to say that the spin from the administration is that Barack Obama is cleaning up President Bush's mess.


Golfing great GREG NORMAN talked about Australian police thwarting an ISIS plot in Australia explaining that they are lucky because they don't have a big bureaucracy like the U.S. and they can mobilize and act quickly.  ISIS group are animals and human beings don't do the type of things they do.  Greg also explained that this is a global issue and that President Obama needs to step up because the world is looking to America for leadership.

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