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Former White House Press Secretary and co-host of “The Five” DANA PERINO checked in and talked about the NFL crisis and explained that they have to show that they are serious about revamping their policies by saying they will look at everything and publicly come out with a report in the future.  On ISIS she believes that the administration is trying to do too much with a complicated conflict.  Dana also believes that the President should have given his speech about ISIS after we had a coalition put together.

Author of “The Russia-China Axis: The New Cold War & America’s Crisis of Leadership” DOUG SCHOEN told Brian that the rise of a Russia-Chinese partnership is because the United States has not stood up to Russia and that we do not stand behind our allies.  Doug also said that Russia is betting that when they decide to go protect the interests of Russian speaking people in the Balkan nations that America will not stand behind the NATO agreement to defend them.  Some of the things we have to do including becoming more aggressive in tackling cyber-security and exporting oil and gas to lower prices and cripple the Russian economy. Doug also said that Russia feels we stiffed them after 9/11 and did not help them with Muslim extremists in their country.


Tea Party News Network News Director SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES talked about her new book “Roar” which urges women to find their political voice.  Scottie said that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee in 2016 and they will demonize every man who dares to speak up against her agenda and “accomplishments.”

Fox News national security correspondent JENNIFER GRIFFIN talked about the Senate Armed Services Committee holding a hearing on ISIS and she said that General Dempsey has said that he may have to go to the president and ask for ground forces if the Arab fighters can’t defeat ISIS.  He also said that some American forces may have to be sent in to help the Kurds hold the Mosul damn in Iraq.   Jennifer also said that General Dempsey said that this is a generational conflict and that means at least being involved there for about 30 years.  On the Free Syrian Army she said that they are a joke and are a weak force that cannot be trained to be a force against Assad’s army or ISIS.



Retired Four-Star General JACK KEANE and former vice chief of Staff of the Army weighed in on the turmoil in the Middle East and Senate Armed Services Committee holding a hearing on ISIS.  The General thinks that defeating ISIS is not generational.  We can defeat them and drive them out of Iraq and Syria in reasonable near term.  The general also said that it is our moral imperative not to work with Iran because their objectives are contradictory to what we want.  He also believes that the Free Syrian Army can grow with help from others after our air power helps defend them, and we should also take out Assad’s air power so that he can’t attack his people.

The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson host, GRETCHEN CARLSON, dropped by and talked about General Dempsey saying that we are going to need boots on the ground at some time in the near future.  Brian and Gretchen also talked about Rand Paul trying to claim that some of the weapons we give the Free Syrian Army go straight to ISIS because they have a treaty together.  They also talked about the NFL and the abuse problems that the league is facing.