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New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN talked about immigration and how the President is playing pure politics which means it is unpopular so he's going to wait until after the election so he doesn't risk losing the Senate.  He will do the unpopular thing after the mid-term election because the American people can't voice their displeasure by voting.  On ISIS Michael explained that the President doesn't see Islamic extremists as big as a problem as they really are.  He also explained that we have seen a rise in the influence of China and Putin because the United States under Obama has withdrawn from the world stage.


Fox's Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY touched on President Obama telling Chuck Todd that all he wanted for his birthday was a GOP that would cooperate.  On immigration Ed said that the President's decision was political and was made weeks ago when Senate Democrats told him not to take any action because it would be a rallying call for Republican voters and cause them to lose the Senate.

Host of "Income Property" and author of "How to Add Value to Your Home" SCOTT MCGILLIVRAY talked to Brian about what home improvements you can make to increase the value of your home.  He also talked about the housing bubble and investing in real estate.

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"Special Report" host BRET BAIER talked about how many Democratic Senators went to the President and told him not to take any action on immigration because it would definitely hurt them in the mid-term elections.  Bret also talked about the President's speech Wednesday on ISIS and talking about arming the Syrian Rebels just months after saying he couldn't because you can't arm doctors and dentists and expect them to win.

Executive Producer of National Geographic Channel's 'American War Generals' TRESHA MABILE checked to talk about their special and talked about what led them to make this special.  She explained that this story actually starts in Vietnam because they all served, were injured and how important their stay in Vietnam was.  Tresha explained that the first Gulf War fooled everyone into thinking that all wars would be fought like this mainly because we didn't want to fight guerrilla warfare like we had in Vietnam.