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HOUR 1 "Duck Dynasty" star WILLIE ROBERTSON talked about how and why fame hasn't changed the family. He also talked about being the executive producer of the movie "Left Behind" with Nicholas Cage about the rapture. Willie also talked about his daughter Sadie being on the new season of "Dancing with the Stars." Willie then talked about going to the U.S. Open with Sean Hannity and losing a bet on the Roger Federer match.

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"Fox and Friends" co-host ELISABETH HASSELBECK dropped by and talked about the life and sudden death of Joan Rivers. They then talked about ISIS and the American air strikes and Brian wondered why they provoked the United States and Britain and left us no choice but to attack them. Elisabeth also talked about the new lineup at The View and when asked if she would go back to visit the show she said she would.

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HOUR 2 Fox News Digital Politics Editor CHRIS STIERWALT checked in and talked about how you can tell who is on the President's side by downplaying the situation in the Middle East. Chris explained that it is the Clinton-Democrats versus the Obama-Democrats and that with a split like this we will never have a cohesive plan.

HOUR 3 Former host of "The Insider" and author of "I'll be Back Right After This" PAT O'BRIEN called in to talk about his book and how he got his start in the business and what led to his success. He also talked about going into rehab twice but still got paid because he got ratings.

Former vice Chief of Staff of the Army and retired four-star General JACK KEANE and talked about the Ukraine peace treaty, the ISIS threat, and how President Bush was right in 2007 when he said that if we leave Iraq too soon it would fall in to chaos.