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Senator RON JOHNSON (R-WI) told Brian that he believes the President has to get together a coalition of the willing but unfortunately he feels President Obama will do too little too late.  Senator Johnson believes that President Obama has had a policy since he came in office and that is pulling America out of world affairs.  Senator Johnson also said the world expects, needs and desires American leadership, which President Obama refuses to do. The Senator also explained why he didn't meet up with the President when he visited Wisconsin earlier this year.  He also said that he was upset that the GOP hasn't gone on offense and let everyone know where they stand on the issues rather than sitting back.

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"Fox and Friends" co-host STEVE DOOCY talked about ISIS, President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron op-ed piece, and touched on some "More to Know."


"Fox News Sunday" host CHRIS WALLACE talked about President Obama not being strong on ISIS and that even how even the most liberal Democrats are saying that we have to attack and destroy ISIS.  Chris also believes that the focus of the mid-term elections are still going to be based on the economy but the safety questions in the world will also be on everyone's mind.

Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co." host STUART VARNEY dropped by and told Brian that he thinks the dismal foreign policy performance by President Obama will play a role in the mid-term elections and cause a sweep for the GOP in the Senate.  Stuart also explained that President Obama has passion when he is beating up on banks, Republicans and Wall Street but shows no leadership when talking about the beheading of two journalists.

Congressman TED POE (R-TX) told Brian that the United States has to take the lead to defend American citizens, we have to go after ISIS and that the President has to come up with a plan.  We don't need to put boots on the ground but we have to arm the Kurds and support them with airstrikes.  One of the problems with this administration is that whenever a crisis arises they always act like they are surprised that this problem developed.  On the Ukraine Rep. Poe believes that Putin is taking advantage of our weakness, he wants to reconstitute the Russian Empire and is just waiting for the opportunity to take over the whole country.


General Michael Hayden, former Director of the CIA & NSA, joined Brian Kilmeade on his nationally syndicated radio show Kilmeade and Friends. General Hayden talked about how he would brief President Obama and President Bush differently because of the way they absorb information. President Obama absorbs information by reading and reflecting while President Bush absorbs it in the dialog. With Bush, Hayden told his briefers to give the President their bottom line up front because they will only get about one sentence into the briefing before they would lose control of the conversation because Bush would be coming at them.

On the upcoming anniversary of September 11th, Hayden talked about how al Qaeda and their ilk seem to go after the iconic targets on iconic dates which is why the intelligence community is concerned about the anniversary of 9/11.

"Al Qaeda seems to prefer to go after the iconic targets--the World Trade Centers, twice, the Pentagon, Times Square--and al Qaeda and their ilk seem to want to go after the iconic targets on the iconic dates. That is what makes all of us in the intelligence community most concerned as we roll up to the 9/11 anniversary....That is why, Brian, what you suggested earlier is really quite important, we can't win this in just the defensive half of the field, we've got to get the ball on their side of the field and play offensive too."

General Hayden also predicted that "Iraq is not coming back." He said Iraq is now a divided country and we don't need to be the cause of its dissolution. Hayden explained that there's now a "Shiastan", a "Sunnistan" and a Kurdistan, and since the Kurds are our friends we can rely on them. Hayden thinks we should take the fight to ISIS through Kurdistan and that we should go all out to strength the Kurdish forces because they know what they are fighting for and deserve our support.

Fox's Chief Washington Correspondent JAMES ROSEN weighed in on the Ukraine and Afghanistan.