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Former Congressman (R-FL) and Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) talked about the President's inability to come up with a real strategy to take on ISIS.


FOX's Chief Congressional Correspondent MIKE EMANUEL discussed what the President will try to do on immigration and whether he will take executive action.  He also talked about how Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson wants to introduce legislation to authorize President Obama to go after ISIS.

ANN-MARIE MURRELL (National director and editor in chief of, MORGAN BRITTANY (actress), and Dr. GINA LOUDON (psychologist) authors of "What Women Really Want" dropped by to talk about their new book and how feminists are really what are holding women back.  Morgan talked about being proud about being women and she will wear what she wants and will color her hair if she wants because it makes her feel better.  They also talked about how the new feminist movement is emasculating men and they want men to hold a door open and treat them nice and that women aren't competing with men but are really partners.

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Marine special operator MICHAEL GOLEMBESKY (Ret.), and author of "Level Zero Heroes", dropped by the studios.  The book details the experiences of Marine special operators in Afghanistan.  He told Brian that he thinks President Obama doesn't exude leadership or authority and is very weak.  Michael explained how things changed during his deployment and that the gray area that exists between the Pentagon and the administration harms the men at the front lines because they changed the rules of engagement.  Michael also told Brian that without a status of forces agreement with Afghanistan the country will fall right back into the hands of the Taliban.

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MARC THEISSEN, fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and columnist for The Washington Post, told Brian that ISIS is the same group that we defeated in Iraq and after President Obama took off his boot and didn't destroy them they were able to regroup.  When he didn't destroy them in Syria and then left Iraq defenseless it was the perfect opportunity to come back and take whatever they want.  Marc said that when we go after ISIS in Syria that is when he will believe that he is serious on taking them on.


America's Newsroom co-host BILL HEMMER dropped by and talked about our inaction after be-headings of two journalists.  Bill explained that after running as the anti-war candidate President Obama refuses to be dragged into a war.  Brian and Bill also touched on Apple claiming it wasn't their iCloud being hacked, Michael Sam being signed to the Dallas Cowboys practice squad and more.