Director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics Dr. LARRY SABATO was on with Brian and they discussed the Mid-term elections and what to expect.  The Republicans are going to run against the Democrats on their inaction in the Middle East and the stagnant economy.  Dr. Sabato explained that the rebounding economy isn't going to help the Democratic Party.


CIA-trained senior intelligence operations officer with more than 25 years of experience in the intelligence community and author of "The Last Line" a novel Lt. Col TONY SHAFFER talked about the president getting info on ISIS but instead of getting it done face to face he only read a brief.  Lt. Col. Shaffer thought this was his way to avoid having to deal with it and thinking that if we backed off and gave them space they would leave us alone.  He explained that President Obama has had all the information and updates but just wanted to ignore it.


Fox News national security correspondent JENNIFER GRIFFIN talked about how the President's daily brief consisted of updates on ISIS and warnings about their growing threat.  Jennifer also touched on why he liked reading the daily brief instead of having it done by a person because having a background as a lawyer he prefers to read it.  Jennifer explained that the Pentagon was actually shocked by how quickly the Iraqi army folded and that they should be held accountable.  She also talked about how the Pentagon is telling the administration that airstrikes is not a strategy and are asking for a real strategy to put a military plan together.



Fox News Mid-East expert Dr. WALID PHARES talked about how ISIS came about around 2012 and that many of Saddam Hussein's generals are part of ISIS leading them with our tactics.  Dr. Phares also let us know that because the Prime Minister Cameron doesn't believe that our actions are what causes radical Islam he is going to be able to defend his country and take action against them.  He also talked about why we should have had better relations with Egypt to take on troubles in the Middle East.