Former Counter-Terrorism FBI Agent Terry Turchie: President Obama looks at terrorism as a nuisance instead of a deadly threat.

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Steve Hayes, Senior Writer For The Weekly Standard told Brian that Obama admitting he has no strategy to handle ISIS makes no sense. Hayes finds President Obamaís tone when speaking about the ISIS threat striking, adding that President Obama does not seem to understand the urgency of ISISís growing strength.

FNCís Ainsley Earhardt called in from Robbinsdale Cooper High School in Minnesota, home of the largest Somali community in America, where two former students who were born in America left to join terrorists in the Middle East. Ainsley explained that some members of the school faculty were furious that she was there covering the story and she found it difficult to get members of the community to agree to interviews. Ainsley did speak with one of the local community organizers who told her that the kids need mentors because some of the students are brainwashed in Mosques by radical groups, which according to the FBI has led to 20 members of the community leaving America to join terrorists in the Middle East.


Distinguished Chair from the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, Ambassador Michael Sheehan believes we must deny ISIS sanctuary in Turkey where they can get their training and weapons for terrorism, adding if we donít we will be in deep trouble. Sheehan finds Obama saying he has no strategy to deal with ISIS ďabsurd.Ē Sheehan explained the need to move intelligence assets into the region in a big way to target the ISIS leadership. Sheehan said the good news is ISIS does not have a real army and if we move the military into the region we can blow them away.

On the home front Sheehan points out that it will be up to the local police forces around the country to help the federal government deal with potential domestic terrorist threats.

FNCís Harris Faulkner surprised Brian by calling in during her vacation. Harris said she doesnít begrudge President Obama vacation time but feels if he cannot handle dealing with ISIS then he should pass along the mantle to someone else. Harrisís big question, ďWhere is Joe Biden?Ē


Former Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, Terry Turchie believes England did the right thing raising their threat level. Terry does not think our government is doing the right thing by holding back on the realities of ISIS. Terry is blown away that President Obama told America he has no strategy to deal with ISIS adding that under President Obama we look at terrorism as a nuisance instead of a deadly threat. According to Terry, when you mix politics and terrorism it destroys the rule of law leading to more violence. Terry warns that the day may come we will be attacked by a true lone wolf who is motivated by ideology, pointing out that those type of people are impacted by what goes on overseas. Terry said that a true lone wolf can do a lot of damage and are usually tough to find, citing the 18 years it took to find the Unabomber.

Listen here for Brianís full interview with Terry Turchie

FNCís Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt spoke about the disconnect between the White House and the Pentagon on how to deal with ISIS. Stirewalt pointed out that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made his fame by hazing President Bush over his handling of the Iraq War and Stirewalt predicts Hagel may burn President Obama for mishandling the ISIS threat.

Listen here for Brianís full interview with Chris Stirewalt

Closing out the week was Dan Henninger, Deputy Editor of The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Page. Brian and Dan Spoke about President Obamaís response to Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine. Henninger compares Vladimir Putinís bad faith negotiating to Hitlers bad faith negotiating with Neville Chamberlain in 1938.

Talking about Obama admitting he doesnít have a strategy to deal with ISIS, Henninger said If the Pentagon does not have a strategy yet itís because President Obama has given them restrictions on what they can and cannot do dealing with ISIS. Henninger believes going into 2016 the American people must decide which party, Democrats or Republicans, are best to handle national security. Henninger finished up his interview with Brian saying if we have learned anything under Obama, it is that leading from behind doesnít not work.