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Kilmeade Kondensed 8-28-14


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke with Brian the ISIS terror threat in America. Walker believes we need a president with strength to deter a potential attack in America. Turning to his re-election race against Mary Burke, Walker believes voters will see his accomplishments have helped spur job growth compared to Burke’s record of low job growth when she was commerce secretary. Walker explained if unions/big government groups lose in Wisconsin it will have a ripple effect throughout the country and strike a major blow against big government. Walker praises Fox News & talk radio for helping him and other republicans get out their message out about fiscal responsibility and limited government.

On Rand Paul calling Hillary Clinton a war hawk, Walker believes there should be a reasonable balance between foreign policy/keeping America safe from terrorist threats overseas and dealing with pressing domestic issues.

Listen here for Brian’s full interview with Gov. Scott Walker

Brian’s Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy was in studio discussing the potential of 300 Americans fighting with ISIS overseas. Doocy said a big fear is that there could be American citizens ready to carry out an attack on American soil on behalf of ISIS. Brian and Steve took President Obama to task for focusing on Global Warming instead of dealing with the imminent threat of ISIS.

During their weekly segment, Brian Kilmeade & Chris Wallace talked about the news of the day, their television viewing habits, Brian’s dimples & Diane Sawyer signing off of ABC’s World News. When talking about the change in moderators for Meet The Press and the reports that NBC paid David Gregory $4 million to keep quiet, Chris admitted that he would keep his mouth shut for that price!

Watch here for the entire interview with Chris Wallace.

Stuart Varney, host of Varney & Company said he is “exasperated” that President Obama is focusing on fundraising during Labor Day Weekend rather than focusing on ISIS. Varney said all Obama is focused on is raising money for democrats. Varney also praised Burger King for potentially moving to Canada to escape the high corporate American tax.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that every bet President Obama has made in the Middle East has failed. Graham pointed out two big examples of President Obama’s failed policies—drawing a red line in Syria and pulling troops out of Iraq. Graham warns that the biggest threat to American national security is Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Graham fears President Obama will make a deal with Iran on their nuclear capabilities that will lead to North Korea becoming a nuclear threat.

On potential terrorist threats to America, Graham said, “We are living on borrowed time. It’s not just ISIL, there is a competition growing between Islamic groups to recruit the best and the brightest to be seen in the jihadist world as the leader and the prize goes to the one that can attack the American homeland.”

On the 2014 elections, Graham believes Republicans are making a mistake by not having a contract with American like Republicans had back during the 1990’s.

Listen here for Brian’s full interview with Senator Graham


Joining Brian in studio to open the third hour was Fox & Friends co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Elisabeth believes that President Obama is trying to run out the clock on his last term in hopes he can avoid dealing with the growing ISIL threat.

PLUS: Brian and Elisabeth took on the lighter topics including a Panda who faked her pregnancy, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie getting married, and USC Football player Josh Shaw admitting he lied about rescuing his nephew from drowning.

FNC Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen spoke with Brian about Russian troops invading Ukraine. Rosen said the U.N. will be convening early to deal with the situation. Rosen explained that there is no new U.S. policy right now to deal with Russia’s invasion. Responding to a caller asking Rosen if he ever received an apology from the White House for spying on him, Rosen said he has not.

Plus: Rosen discussed his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Bret Baer and challenging Bill O’Reilly to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Rosen hopes O”Reilly is “man enough” and reissued his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to Bill O’Reilly.