Former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush KARL ROVE talked to Brian about the upcoming mid-term elections and if GOP party candidates can ride a wave of anti-Obama policy sentiment.  They also talked about the optics of the President being on the golf course after talking about the beheading of James Foley.  Karl explained that President Bush made a mistake in 2002 talking about an attack while at the golf course and Obama had this to know better and should have taken a day off from golfing.  On finally sending drones over Syria, Karl said that they should have already been there.

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OutNumbered co-host and author of "The Kennedy Chronicles" KENNEDY talked about Obama playing golf and whom she wants to eulogize her.


Rep. PAUL RYAN (R-WI) and author of "The Way Forward" talked about his new book and told Brian that people are encouraged that with the right campaign and ideals, the conservative movement can grow.  Congressman Ryan explained that it was tough to lose but you can't dwell on it but you need to get back to helping move the country forward.  He also talked about how the GOP has to get into the inner cities to spread and explain their ideas to people who never thought they could have conservative values even though they really do.



Fox News political analyst JUAN WILLIAMS talked to Brian and explained that he thinks most of the violent protests are done in Ferguson, MO because most of the looters were from out of town.  On trying to compare Michael Brown to Jesus Christ Juan explained that it was all a moment about grief and faith, but as a news man he can't see it.