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Kilmeade Kondensed 8-18-14

Hour 1

Michael Goodwin, columnist for the NY Post joined Brian to discuss the latest on the riots in Ferguson Missouri. Goodwin points out how Michael Browns family is calling for peace and don't want their son remembered alongside the violence and looting. Goodwin said the protests are not characteristic of normal American protests and its uncharacteristic for the police to allow this to go on for over a week. Goodwin compared the looters to the anarchists in Europe. Goodwin told Brian that he does not have any problem with the militarization of police forces in America. Goodwin points out that since 9/11 we cannot take any chances that the police may not be prepared for a potential terrorist situation.

On Israel, Goodwin explained to Brian that Obama has slowly been losing Jewish support because of how Obama has treated Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and emboldening Israel's enemies.

Daniel Levitin, author of "The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload", was in studio and explained why daydreaming is a good thing and helps to organize your mind and is a way for the brain to reset itself. Levitin told Brian one way to restore your brain power, increase efficiency and be more productive is to take a 10 minute nap during the day. Levitin's advice to Brian and the listeners on social networking is to set aside time in the day for just social networking and e-mails, adding that he was once addicted to e-mail and he needed to break his obsession with constantly answering e-mails.

Watch here for the entire interview with Dan Levitin.

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Hour 2

Ed Henry, FNC's Chief White House correspondent joined Brian to speculate on what President Obama will say today as he comes back from vacation. Henry believes President Obama may need to step in to deal with the riots in Ferguson Missouri. Henry said if the local prosecutors in Ferguson cannot deal with this then it would be up to the federal prosecutors to take over. Henry said the people of Ferguson need to know that there will be justice in the shooting of Michael Brown. On Iraq/ISIS: Henry and Brian point out that Obama is feeling heat from both the left and the right over his handling of Iraq and dealing with ISIS.

Jason Riley, member of The Wall Street Journal's editorial board and author of "Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks TO Succeed" spoke with Brian about the riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri over the shooting of Michael Brown. Riley told Brian there is no excuse for rioting in Ferguson over Michael Browns shooting. Riley is upset that people are sympathizing with the looters instead of the store owners who are losing their business because of looting. Riley does not believe the police are over militarized in Ferguson, pointing out if the KKK were rioting people would not care if the police were militarized in responding to the KKK. Riley's advice to his son and the black community is to "pull up your pants, finish school, work hard and take care of your family.

Listen here for Brian's full interview with Jason Reilly

Larry Gatlin, Country Music Artist an American country music singer/songwriter and political commentator joined Brian in studio. Larry discussed the Michael Brown Shooting in Ferguson Missouri. Larry said his heart goes out to the family of Michael Brown and to the police officer who shot him. Turing to potential republican candidates for the 2016 presidential electon, Larry told Brian that he has been friends with the Bush family since he was a kid and would support Jeb Bush for president. On Governor Perry, Larry said he has a lot of respect for Texas Governor Rich Perry, adding he trusts Perry with the keys to his car. Gatlin said he would vote for the republican nomination in 2016, even if he has to hold his nose.

Hour 3

James Rosen, FNC Chief Washington Correspondent joined Brian with the latest on the riots in Ferguson Missouri. Rosen said that the question is "was Ferguson Missouri ripe for this type of outrage?" Rosen points out that a quarter of the residents in Ferguson are under the poverty line. Rosen explained that the composition of the police force is out of whack with the racial composition of the Ferguson population. Rosen added that he is not blaming this for what is happening but it may have some effect on the situation.

Rosen shared his thoughts on David Gregory leaving NBC's Meet The Press. Rosen said he has known Gregory for many years and has a great affection for Gregory.