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Kilmeade Kondensed 8/15/14

Hour 1

Seth Jones, Director of the International Security and Defense Policy Center at the RAND Corporation, explained that ISIS is not being hurt by U.S. strikes at this time. Jones believes these pin-prick strikes are not dealing with the ISIS problem. According to Jones, the concern for the U.S. is ISIS developing networks in both Europe and the U.S. Jones explained that Iran backing the new leadership in Iraq will help strengthen Iran's influence in the region.

Listen here for the full interview with Seth Jones

Elisabeth Hasselbeck joined Brian in studio and they discussed the breaking news coming out of Ferguson, Missouri. Brian and Elisabeth both agreed that people shouldn't jump to conclusions until all the fact are in.

Hour 2

FOX's Chris Stirewalt told Brian that in the wake of the violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, politicians are calling for the end of the militarization of police around the country. Stirewalt does not believe that it's the militarization of the police that had bearing on Michael Brown getting shot.

Hour 3

After rocking out with the Beach Boys this morning on Fox and Friends, RED EYE's Joanne Nosuchinsky explained why she woke up super early just to see them preform. Brian and Joanne discussed the news of Chuck Todd replacing David Gregory on Meet The Press and the fact NBC is not letting Gregory say an on-air goodbye. They also chatted about Kim Kardashian's new selfie book, which Joanne predicts will be a huge success!

Breanne Heldman, New York Bureau Chief, Yahoo! Entertainment ended the week on Kilmeade &Friends with the latest celebrity news. Breanne and Brian spoke about the shocking death of Robin Williams. Breanne thinks that money was not an issue for Williams. Breanne thinks Williams being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease may have played a factor in his suicide. Turning to movie news Brain and Breanne spoke about Expendables 3 opening today and Arnold Schwarzenegger bringing his love child to the premiere of Expendables 3. PLUS: Brian and Breanne discussed the mess that is Justin Bieber.