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Kilmeade Kondensed 8-14-14


Prof Thomas Schwartz, professor of history and political science at Vanderbilt University, joined Brian to explain why President Obama needs to alter his position on Iraq and dealing with ISIS. Schwartz pointed out that while Obama did promise to remove troops from Iraq as part of his election pledge, and has lived up to that pledge, it is time to figure out how to best deal with the threat of ISIS.

Col. Allen West joined Brian for his weekly spot with and discussed the dire humanitarian crisis of Christians in Iraq at the hands of ISIS. West pointed out that even the Vatican has called for strikes against ISIS while Obama continues to play golf. West and Brian brought up that even France is calling on Obama to cut short his vacation and take action. West said the only way to deal with ISIS is to bring them to their knees and destroy them in order to send a message to other radical Muslims in the Middle East.

On Russia and Ukraine, Brian and Col West were amazed at how Germany and other countries in Europe are the only ones serious about sanctions against Russia instead of America taking the lead.

Listen here for the full Allen West Interview


Brian opened his interview with Stuart Varney by playing Jimmy Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship skit that included Stuart Varney. Varney was shocked to hear how Jimmy Kimmel edited his words. Varney swore to Brian that he said "fracking" and not a curse word. On serious matters, Varney took exception to Obama's hypocrisy over taking money from companies he called unpatriotic for moving their companies overseas. Varney explained to Brian that the economy will not grow unless we approve visas to skilled foreign workers. Varney points out that despite what the Obama administration has been saying about the economy growing, the truth is both full time jobs created and part time jobs created are dismal and is bad news for Obama.

Watch Stuart Varney React To Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship Skit


HOUR 3 Eli Lake, Senior National Security Reporter for The Daily Beast, compared the sheer barbarity of ISIS to what happened years ago in Rwanda. Lake does believe the Obama administration has become sober to what ISIS is doing in Iraq and the threat they pose to America. Lake explained to Brian that the Kurds in Iraq have asked for advanced weapons and drones to use in their fight against ISIS but does not think they will be given those weapons. Listen here for the full Eli Lake Interview