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Former Dean Campaign Manager JOE TRIPPI weighed in on the Hillary/Obama feud and he explained that she was always right of the President.  She was always for the Iraq war while Obama wasn't.  He also doesn't feel that the split between Hillary and Obama is not going to affect the 2014 mid-term elections because the only way the GOP doesn't gain the Senate is if some candidates do something or say something idiotic.


U.S. Air Force General TOM MCINERNEY (Ret) said that our narrow objective is to save the Kurds and prevent genocide until a unity government is in.  We need to do more airstrikes and take the handcuffs off and seriously attack and stop them.   By seriously attacking ISIS it is a great morale boost for the Kurds to protect Kurdistan.  Job number two is , if Iraq does finally establish a unity government we need to see how and if the Iraqi's can throw out ISIS.


America's Newsroom co-hosts MARTHA MACCALLUM and BILL HEMMER dropped by and talked about the latest on Iraq, Hillary and Barack's "feud" and some More to Know with Brian.