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Fox News Strategic Analyst Col. RALPH PETERS (Ret) explained that President Obama is lying when he says it wasn't his decision not to leave a residual force in Iraq, because he did not a single American soldier left there and that everything the Bush administration did was evil.  Col. Peters said that he came from such a hard left background that he distrusts our military and sees them as wicked.  He went on to say that President Obama doesn't want to talk to anyone who contradicts his view of the world. The Middle East and global security would be totally different if he made a status of forces agreement.

Fox NASCAR reporter BOB DILLNER weighed in on the Kevin Ward Jr. tragedy.  Bob explained that Tony Stewart was at the race because he loves to race and loves to drive.



Psychiatrist & Fox News Contributor Dr. KEITH ABLOWtalked about the tragedy of Robin Williams' suicide and that although it is possible to be born more susceptible to depression and addiction but he also believes there has to be an underlying problem or event that led them.  Dr. Ablow also believes that he feels a lot of therapists "suck".

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Fox News national security correspondent JENNIFER GRIFFIN talked about how after 17 airstrikes ISIS is melding into the civilian population which will make them more difficult to attack.  Jennifer told Brian that there is tension between the Pentagon and the administration with the military coming out explaining that they are doing what they are told and nothing more so they will not be able to stop ISIS.  They are extremely angry that everything we did in Iraq has fallen apart and now because of mistakes by the administration they are being called on to clean up their mistakes.  Jennifer reiterated how this is just a limited mission and is not to stop ISIS from going to Baghdad and is just to protect the northern part of Iraq only.



Founder of KEVIN MCCARTHY weighed in on the death of Robin Williams, his lengthy career and some of his interviews with him over the years.

The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson host, GRETCHEN CARLSON, talked about the air strikes in Iraq and how we don't have a strategy and how the Pentagon is telling the administration that these limited strikes are not going to work.