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Former NYC Mayor RUDY GIULIANI checked in to talk about the Gaza crisis and problems in Iraq with ISIS.  Mayor Giuliani explained that President Obama has to attack ISIS because they have become increasingly dangerous and need to be stopped.  The Mayor also explained that not only do we have to destroy ISIS we also have to step away from Maliki because he is in the pockets of the Iranians. He also called the anti-Israeli propaganda going on in this country and the world is actually very frightening. Mayor Giuliani also weighed in on the return of squeegee men in New York City and called last year's mayoral election a mistake.




Fox News Digital Politics Editor CHRIS STIERWALT checked in from Tennessee about the mid-term primaries and how the Tea Party was not able to make inroads against the incumbents.


Fox News Channel anchor JULIE BANDERAS dropped in and weighed in on what is happening in Iraq and agreed with Brian that the only reason President Obama is cutting his vacation short to take care of immigration.  They also dissected President Obama's speech from the night before explaining why we needed to start air strikes against ISIS.

"Red Eye" panelist JOANNE NOSUCHINSKY dropped by and she and Brian did "More to Know".  They talked about Justin Beiber's "Baby" stopping a bear attack, an Oklahoma teacher who went to school drunk and with no pants got fired and many more.