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Opinion writer for the Washington Post and author of “The Director” DAVID IGNATIUS weighed in on the Gaza crisis and explained that Secretary John Kerry went wrong in his cease-fire negotiations because he went to Turkey and Qatar to try and broker a peace and that actually may have set back U.S relations with Israel and moderate Arab nations like Palestine, Egypt and others.  What everyone wants is a demilitarized Gaza and a new regime in the area.



Congressman SEAN DUFFY (R-WI) talked about what he thinks Congress can get done before they go on recess this Thursday.  He explained that one of the things they will do is bring up the lawsuit against the President to remind him that he can’t just re-write laws without Congress.  If they don’t stop him now a future president may be able to change any law, including the tax laws and re-write them any way he wants.  Congressman Duffy also said that they will not leave without addressing the border problem and immigration saying that they will reunite the children with their parents in their country of origin.  He also feels that the President has been weak in dealing with Russia and his “strongly worded” letter is not enough.




“Fox and Friends First” co-host AINSLEY EARHARDT dropped by and talked about the NFL’s suspension of Ray Rice for domestic violence, Stephen A. Smith saying women shouldn’t provoke men and  Whoopi Goldberg saying that women should expect to get hit if they hit a man first.  We also talked about some stories that Ainsley found: 35% of Americans are being sought after by debt collectors; Democrat from West Virginia saying that she will defend the coal industry while running for Congress.



Senior advisor for the Truman National Security Project Dr. MARK JACOBSON weighed in on Russia and said that it should be clear that we will be dealing with a Vladimir Putin who is an adversary that we will have to deal with.  Dr. Jacobson thinks we have to shift from sanctions against Russian individuals and go after their energy and arms industry.   On the Middle East Dr. Jacobson expressed his belief that to get rid of ISIS you need an approach that limits/prevents their ability to function overseas and an Iraqi government that can keep the country as a whole.  He also said that the biggest threat from ISIS the members with western passports that can easily travel and wreak havoc throughout the world.



Fox News contributor and “Red Eye” panelist JOANNE NOSUCHINSKY (pictured) talked about how “Red Eye” is a way to get the news with a funny twist.  Joanne told us the story of how she came for a tour of the Fox studios and wound up debating Neil Cavuto and that was the start of her career.  Joanne touched on immigration, the arrest of Spider-man at Times Square, and the controversy over OK Cupid lying to some of its customers.