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New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN weighed in on the crisis in Gaza and that he is pessimistic that they can actually keep the peace because Hamas does not want to recognize Israel and the international community will not go in with a military presence to keep the peace.


Former Ambassador DENNIS ROSS was on and talked about Gaza and that Hamas is actually benefitting from their attacks on Israel because Hamas had largely been isolated by the Arab world.  The Ambassador doesn’t fault the administration for linking talks about Iran’s nuclear program with them funding terrorists we need to start competing with them and start intercepting their weapons shipments because if you only talk they won’t take you seriously.



Fox’s Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY is such a loyal friend that he even called into the show on his day off!  Ed offered up his first-rate insight on a range of issues, but Brian and Ed got into it a bit over the number of times President Obama has played golf.


GENERAL JACK KEANE, Ret. Four-Star General and former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, joined Brian and gave his expert analysis on all of the hot spots around the world.  Gen. Keane said the US should be very vocal regarding Iran’s state sponsorship of terror.  He also agreed with Amb. Ross who said we should interdicting the weapons being sent into Palestine. On Russia and Ukraine, Gen. Keane said the way we can get Putin’s attention is if we provided Ukraine significant military assistance and we should also put more pressure on Europe to impose economic sanctions.  Lastly, Keane revealed that he has spoken to the administration about dealing with ISIS.



BRET BAIER, anchor of Special Report, weighed in on George Will’s controversial comments on Fox News Sunday on welcoming illegal children into the country.  Bret went on to predict that a deal on immigration will get struck before the House goes out on recess.


If you will be around Washington D.C. on September 13th please can sign up for the Race for Every Child 5K which benefits Children’s National Health Systems.  You can register and/or donate here:


After spanning the globe with Fox’s Chief Washington Correspondent, JAMES ROSEN, Brian picked his brain about the most pressing matters facing our country—what Americans are no longer eating!   Cereal sales have gone down which could be attributed to Rosen’s purchasing habits as he revealed that he did not eat breakfast this morning!

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