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Fresh off ripping her dress while parting with Twisted Sister on Fox & Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck joined Brian in the radio studio. The two talked about how they believe President Obama is mismanaging his time and not paying enough attention to the major issues facing the United States. Elisabeth believes President Obama should be speaking the words of Howard Stern and stand up for Israel.

Later in the interview, Elisabeth gave her opinion on Tony Dungy saying he would not have drafted openly gay player Michael Sam. Both Elisabeth and Brian agreed that Dungy knows all about having to deal with distractions as a head coach and they hope he will suffer no repercussions over his comments. Brian also told Elisabeth about his experience last night at the Tonight Show. Brian believes Jimmy Fallon is one of the most talented guys out there and Elisabeth totally agreed.

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Chris Stirewalt, digital politics editor for Fox, discussed President Obamas fundraising tour and his lack of interest in foreign affairs. Stirewalt said Obama has been dialing back America's role in the world. Stirewalt pointed out that the Obama administration's policy of non-lethal force in the Middle East and Ukraine has led to aggression by Putin and other players in the Middle East.

FOX's Adam Housley, who is usually based in LA, joined Brian in studio. Adam and Brian discussed the illegal immigration crisis. Adam, who has been covering the crisis at the border, shared that he has not seen any Mexican police or military presence at the border to help stop illegals from crossing into the U.S. Housley pointed out Mexico's hypocrisy over illegals crossing into their country, noting that Mexico immediately deports any illegals while they take America to task for how we deal with them.

On Ukraine, Housley pointed out that under Reagan America put pressure on the Soviet Union which caused change while Obama does not want to put any pressure on or be involved in the Ukraine/Russia crisis.


Daniel Halper, online editor of The Weekly Standard, called in to discuss his new book "Clinton INC." Halper said that a big revelation he discovered is that in private Bill is cold and calculated while Hillary is more friendly. Halper said that Bill Clinton does not want Hillary to become president. Halper added that Bill Clinton's lifestyle would be restricted if he were to be the first husband and is also very worried about Hillary hurting his legacy.

Halper told Brian the biggest concern about a Hillary presidential run in 2016 would be her health. Halper said there is talk that Hillary may have suffered a stroke.

Halper told Brian that Hillary cannot run on any of Bill's accomplishments because today's democrat party is Obama's democrat party. Hillary's best chance would be to run on Obama's legacy and not her husbands.

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